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Social Media Marketing Bundles

Managing your online presence on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram (or all three at once!) can definitely fill up your day and leave you feeling overwhelmed! I know that feeling but I also know what works!

I can help you with creating lots of posts, writing eye-catching copy that helps to attract and converts, boosting them with engagement, growing your connections, designing branded graphics, inclduing spotlighting your positive customer reviews and even designing and creating your very own free challenge for improved lead generation!

I create content for you with messaging that works, improve your online presence with regular activity. All published on your behalf, attracting other targeted users to follow you, engage with your content, so that they convert into new loyal customers.

Why Choose Me?

“The word to describe Julie is proactive. She has already thought of what to do before you can think of it yourself.

She will always go the extra mile and beyond, and she can combine ruthless efficiency with a light heart that always makes you laugh. I couldn't recommend Julie more highly"
Martin Kerslake
Kerslake Design
“Julie is fabulous to work with; easy going, positive and enthusiastic. She is a great communicator and keeps you up-to-date with everything going on.

Julie often realises what you need before you do due to her excellent attention to detail and proactive nature. I can’t recommend her highly enough."
Martin Maya
Amatis Training
“Julie has helped to transform my social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, reflecting on my business’ values, highlighting services offering and increasing my reach as well as managing my targeted email marketing campaign. This has allowed me to spend valuable time with clients In summary, Julie makes the whole process efficient and pretty straight forward”
Andrew Marsden
Commercial Chambers
Julie of BusinessZen

I just love winning new business for my clients!

My everyday is supporting them with a wide range of social media services, all done for them, so they can get on with 

The focus is always about getting my clients noticed and helping them win more business. This is a done-for-you lead generation service, managing your social media profiles, generating leads with your target customers.

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